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16 May 2010

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Naidi Lighthouse
12 April 2010

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The Church of Paoay
15 May 2009

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31 December 2007

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26 December 2007

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Water Meets Light
6 December 2007

Recent Comments

Shirley Sieng on Planting Rice
May I use your picture above for my ebook? I will link it back to your site to let my reader know where I got the ...

mark on Unity
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

shoti on Baka
pucha lupet, nakapag Batanes ka na pala x_x ganda neto Ken.

Zorilla on Baka
The lighthouse that warns passing ships of dangerous cows

Paul on Naidi Lighthouse
Great lighthouse

Betsy Barron on Naidi Lighthouse
beautiful, glorious!

shoti on Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti)
aw ganun ba hehehe kaya pala matagal tagal pa expiration ng student visa ko hehehe oo, hirap nga kmuha ng working visa ...

shoti on Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti)
uyy may nabuhay a ehehehe ayos to pre, sana lang dinagdagan mo sharpening. sa tanong mo: dpa ako sigurado e. hahanap ...

James on The Hut and The Sea
Love your website... very well done... I should have done what you did rather than sitting around manila during all my ...

shoti on The Hut and The Sea
ayos bagsak ng ilaw! ok din ang kulay!

Jennifer on The Hut and The Sea
This is gorgeous! Your composition is clever; it fits the content very well. It looks absolutely beautiful.

Mirko Herzner on The Hut and The Sea
What a wonderful place, Ken. Who wouldn't love to be there...

Nestor on The Hut and The Sea
yes, i'm coming ! it's beautiful !

shoti on Forester vs Landcruiser
walang laban yang "landcruiser" nila sa subaru mo! anliit ng makina pota, d naman ganun katarik e umiiyak ...

peter on The Crater
wow! stunning shot!

Ravi on The Crater
Amazing shot and the DoF is just amazing.

david on Tangled
I think there's still a little room left to add just one more line in there...

Laura on Tangled
nicely spotted. That looks quite interesting for an electrician to sort!

zahai on Tangled
Cool capture and great metaphore. Nicely spotted :)

Will on Altius.
great capture of details:)

April on As Bright as the Setting Sun
love this photo...ive been hearing a lot about sagada from my friends...but this photo is a great shot of the ...

Nan on Unidentifiable Beauty
Yeah, probably fish eggs. Or somebody just dropped jellybeans from a boat :P

Jen on My New Toy
Great new toy! How are you liking it so far?

Photographs by M.E. on My New Toy
have fun with your new toy!

lidia on My New Toy
I have another one, I am studing him, is not easy

Ryan Yam on My New Toy
Update update!

MaryB on My New Toy
Where are you Ken, we're all waiting to see your photographs you have taken with your new camera. :) Hope your ...

Garibaldi on My New Toy
Congratulations! Have fun =D

lidia on My New Toy
is my new machine, and your also, I'm learning.

les on My New Toy
sa wakas nakabili ka na rin! nako, dapat ngayn top of the notch photos lang makikita namin ah pressure pressure! haha ...

niña.kristine on My New Toy
nice! hope you're enjoying your new toy! i sure am enjoying mine! : ) can't wait to see your works.

niña.kristine on Waterfalls
very nice. :)

Fotoptikon on My New Toy
Very nice! I wish you many good shots!

Michael Skorulski on My New Toy
Congratulations! The camera that took this image did a very good job as well!

MaryB on My New Toy
Congratulations on your new cam, looking forward to seeing your shots :)

standley on My New Toy
Congratulations. I am sure you'll enjoy it. Have a great time shooting!

Krisu on My New Toy
Enjoy your new DSLR! btw, I have a Nikon , too ;-)

Calusarus on My New Toy
Nothing wrong ! It was a little teasing (I use a Nikon DSLR)

Calusarus on My New Toy
Switching from a compact camera to a DSLR will change your life ! Bad luck it is a Canon :-) :-)

Wejel on My New Toy
Hahaha! Good Luck! So dapat picturan gyud?

Betty on My New Toy

Lotte on My New Toy
Congratulations! Hope u will be very pleased about it.

shoti on Waterfalls
ang gandang view neto ken!

farmermarn on Waterfalls
Oh, how beautiful!

Wejel on Unidentifiable Beauty
glow in the dark beans!

MaryB on Waterfalls
A glorious waterfall, beautifully captured Ken.

Lorraine on Waterfalls
Gosh that is soooo beautiful Ken...

Luca on Unidentifiable Beauty
i can't help you..but the pictures is great!

niña kristine on Sagada Terrace Walls
nice to see the rice terraces from this perspective. nice work!

niña kristine on Unidentifiable Beauty
jellybeans? haha! great shot ken! very interesting.

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